Pavel Babál

prof. MUDr. Pavel Babál, CSc.

After graduating from medical school, he chose the specialization of pathological anatomy and gained practical experience not only in Slovakia but also abroad. He completed long-term and multi-year stays at foreign centers in France, USA and Germany. In 1994, he worked as a Visiting Professor and subsequently from 1999 as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology, University of South Alabama, Mobile.


His work is focused on pathological changes in tissues during cancer transformation. He currently works at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava at the Institute of Pathological Anatomy.

He holds the position of Deputy Head and is one of the leading specialists in pathology.

He cooperates with MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY on the following projects:


Project title:
Center for Biomedical Research – BIOMEDIRES – II. stage
Biomedires II.
Project code:

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