newslab and labMED scientific journals

Publishing activity

MGA regularly issues two professional periodicals – newslab and labMED.


newslab is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to laboratory medicine and diagnostics bringing the latest news and insights from science and research. Its aim is to support the publishing activity, especially of young scientists with a focus on Central Europe, who often encounter difficulty with publishing of their quality scientific outputs also due to financial reasons. The priority for the newslab editorial team is to establish a close link between applied research and practice. On the journal’s website, we also provide space for professional publications of our colleagues from academia presenting the latest findings from scientific and research activities. Each issue contains original and review papers, including engaging case studies providing details on exceptional cases from practice.


The editorial board composed of recognized experts from several countries guarantees high quality in assessment and review process of the submitted papers and articles. All our reviewers are recognized and leading authorities in their respective fields. This guarantees quality, objectivity and professionalism of the review process of every single article. Just like other renowned scientific journals, newslab adheres to the generally applicable rules of responsible and ethical publishing, which represent the golden standard of scientific peer-reviewed journals. All authors undertaker to submit only such manuscripts that represent their own copyright work and simultaneously, they are responsible for the results of their research, which will be published in newslab. At the same time, the authors guarantee that their work or any part thereof has not yet been published elsewhere. The originality and uniqueness of all published articles assures that the journal has been one-of-a-kind title in its particular field for several years already.


The target group comprises physicians across all medical specialties, researchers at universities working in the field of laboratory medicine and laboratory workers. newslab is distributed to all major libraries, indexed in the Bibliographia Medica Slovaca (BMS) database, and its citations are processed in CiBaMed.


It is issued twice a year, and has been published continually since 2009.


labMED is a journal of laboratory medicine that is actively involved in the popularization of science and brings a wide range of health professionals the results of the latest scientific research across all fields of laboratory medicine. The journal has an informative-educational character and reflects on the latest events in the field of laboratory medicine in Slovakia and internationally while conveying the results of scientific research to the professional public in the field of medicine. Its aim is to provide practical information with direct relevance to physicians of all specialties – clients of MEDIREX GROUP laboratories, to whom the journal is distributed directly together with the test results.


It provides physicians with information on new methods and trends in laboratory medicine with impact on their daily work for the patients and their health. It acquaints the physicians with legislative changes, informs about educational events and brings a variety of latest information and other interesting facts.


In fact, labMED has also been awarded by experts who assess the quality of professional magazines. In 2017, the journal won the first place in the category of Enterprise Magazine – External Communication.


It is issued three times a year and has been published continually since 2014.

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