Slovak genome

Slovak Genome Project

This project is designed to perform Slovak genome analysis aiming to create a control database of obtained genomic information representative of the Slovak population. It should serve the professional public at large while facilitating the development and improvement of population-wide as well as personalized biomedical research with the utilization of the acquired knowledge in both basic and applied research. The project also has significant potential to contribute to the improvement of diagnostic procedures of congenital disorders in routine clinical practice, with a direct impact on the provision of standard healthcare. To this end, biological samples were collected with the total number exceeding 1250 individuals representative of the entire Slovak population. The results obtained by analyzing their genomic data will be continually published on the project website following the gradual analytical process spanning across several independent project stages. The resulting databases will be represented by specific versions with a defined scope of performed analyses.

Project Overview

The Slovak Genome Project is based on the analysis of genomic data obtained by summarizing the data from others research projects focusing on various diagnostic areas. All these projects featured the non-profit organization Medirex Group Academy (MGA) as investigator or co-investigator. These research efforts included the following projects in particular: BioMediRes II, PROMEDICOV-19, DiaCovid and PreveLynch . The implementation of the above research resulted in collecting sets of samples and the associated genomic data of the so-called control cohorts representing an extensive group of healthy individuals from the Slovak population. Detailed information concerning the project itself can be obtained in the publication (Krumpolec P. et al., 2024: Deciphering the Slovak Genome: Preliminary Data for Future Research).

BioMediRes II:




Database v1.0:
The database will be continuously updated while the most recent version contains data obtained by genomic data analysis (WGS) of the following set of samples:

  • the number of samples in the database: 585
  • the number of female samples: 300
  • the number of male samples: 285
  • the distribution of samples from the territory of Slovakia is visualized with the corresponding percentage in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Distribution of samples used in the database with the corresponding percentage share v1.0.

Team of Investigators

Pavol Janega – researcher and Director of MGA, principal investigator of BioMediRes II project.

Gabriel Minárik – researcher and Head of the Genetics and Genomics Department in MGA, principal investigator of PROMEDICOV-19 project. 

Michaela Hýblová – researcher in MGA, principal investigator of DiaCovid project. 

Patrik Krumpolec – researcher in MGA, co-investigator of BioMediRes II, PROMEDICOV-19, DiaCovid, and PreveLynch projects.

Klaudia Babišová – researcher in MGA, co-investigator of BioMediRes II, PROMEDICOV-19, DiaCovid, and PreveLynch projects. 

Andrej Gnip – MGA researcher, co-investigator of BioMediRes II, PROMEDICOV-19, DiaCovid, and PreveLynch projects. 

Oliver Petrovič – computer scientist, co-investigator in BioMediRes II, PROMEDICOV-19, DiaCovid, and PreveLynch projects. 

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