Biomedical research at MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY (MGA) is focused primarily on the development of new diagnostic and screening methods, the search for potential diagnostic and predictive biomarkers useful in the prevention, diagnostics and potentially also in the therapy of cancer.

Researchers at MGA also closely focus on lifestyle disease, for which early diagnosis and prevention are equally of key importance. Since 2020, the team of scientists has been actively involved in the research of the new infectious disease COVID-19. The research activities are mainly focused on the creation of a universal system for early and rapid detection of coronavirus infection.

The aim of our scientific research is to transfer the acquired knowledge into clinical practice in order to make screening and diagnosis of diseases more efficient and also to increase the treatment effectiveness.

„One of our greatest achievements has been the cooperation to validate genetic tests used nowaday to detect pathological changes on the cervix.

MUDr. Pavol Janega

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