The antiviral therapy of hepatitis C has recently seen significant progress, being successful in almost 100% of all cases. Based on existing epidemiological surveys, we assume that despite its low incidence in Slovakia, hepatitis C remains undetected and thus untreated in a large number of infected patients. The higher incidence rate of the infection can be expected especially in subjects with increased aminotransferase activity (so-called liver function tests) or the presence of a factor that increases the risk of transmission of the infection.


“The main objective of the study is to assess the correlation between the incidence of the hepatitis C infection and various risk groups within our population. The results will help provide targeted preparation of future strategies used in hepatitis C screening aimed at making the treatment accessible to all infected patients, even those who are not aware of being infected.”

Doc. MUDr. Pavol Kristian PhD., Project Expert Guarantor

Project Information

The Hepacor study has been implemented to define the relationship between the risk groups and hepatitis C virus (HCV) carriers in Slovakia.

Subjects involved in the study:

MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY n.o. as the “implementer of the research project” and 80 centers – health care providers in general medicine and internal medicine in Slovakia as the “investigator”.

1,500 patients from the Košice and Bratislava regions, who met the admission and exclusion criteria, were gradually enrolled in the study.

The medical history of these patients focuses on risk factors of HCV infection. Blood samples taken from the patients are used for the detection of hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies.

The project uses antiHCV chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA) methodology for the detection of antibodies as the primary method of detecting hepatitis C virus carriers. Positive findings are subsequently confirmed by HCV RNA using the PCR method (Polymerase chain reaction).

Anamnesis and screening results are recorded in the eCRF system and subsequently reviewed.

No medicine has been tested by the study. This study is purely observational and the schedule of visits at the physician’s office as well as all treatment regimens have been determined by the attending physician in compliance with common clinical practice.


doc. MUDr. Peter Jarčuška, PhD.

Internal Clinic

  1. Pasteur Univerzity Hospital

Tr. SNP 1

040 11 Košice, Slovakia