MGA Research Laboratories


MGA Research Lab Infrastructure

MGA has been building its own infrastructure of research laboratories to support independent research in biomedicine in Slovakia for several years now. We managed to build modern research labs within research projects supported by the Research and Development Operational Programme. The technological outcome of these efforts is freely available to all scholars and researchers who intend to carry out their independent research in public interest. The equipment cannot be used for economic activities. In addition to making our own investments in the laboratory equipment, we have also been expanding the infrastructure thanks to the support that we have received in the form of 2% income tax donations, which MGA, being a non-profit organization, makes an effort to attract every year.


Awareness and Information Availability

Given the implementation of research activities as well as the existence of modern research infrastructure, we intend to actively inform the general and professional public about the results of our research in accordance with the principle of public interest and the implementation of our activities based on common good. At the same time, we would like to make our modern labs accessible to all research institutions, researchers, undergraduate and PhD students for the purposes of independent research in public interest. If you are interested in conducting your own independent research in biochemical, cytological, histological and proteomic labs using our equipment, please, contact us at


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