About us

MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY n. o. (hereinafter referred to as „MGA“) is a non-profit organisation focusing on science, research and education support with particular emphasis on biomedicine.



MGA’s research activities centre on biomedical fields such as genetics and epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics, immunology, cytology, and histology. Seeking new biomarkers and preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, they have potential to put scientific findings in the sphere of biomedicine into diagnostic and therapeutic practice. Given the rapid development of technological infrastructure and information and communication technology (ICT), we are well aware of the need to link biomedical research and bioinformatics. Last but not least, another high-priority task we seek to fulfil is to carry out multidisciplinary research in various fields related to biomedicine.


Our main goals include:

  • Taking the necessary steps in order to build a Centre for excellent research that will work in public interest focusing on biomedical research fields closely linked to bioinformatics and biostatistics, which are becoming an essential part of biomedical research these days. The Centre will bring together leading scientists from across Slovakia, supporting research tasks based on cooperation among renowned academic partners and scientific parks operating in Slovakia.
  • Participating in transnational research projects and supporting the transfer of foreign research teams’ and academic institutions’ know-how into MGA’s research activities and its Centre for excellent research so as to spread the knowledge from abroad within the Slovak Republic. The outcome of these local and national research activities is meant to support broader international solutions to multinational biomedical research tasks. To accomplish this goal, we also establish partnerships with renowned universities abroad, such as Universität Heidelberg or Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.
  • Transforming the outcome of all of our research activities into practical innovative solutions. This will mainly include suggesting new procedures in the sphere of prevention, developing new screening and diagnostic methods, and proposing new therapeutic procedures to target oncological and lifestyle diseases. Our goal is to make such procedures and methods widely applied in the Slovak health care system for the benefit of all of its citizens.

As for the research projects that we have already implemented, thanks to funding provided by the Research and Development Operational Programme, we were able to build modern research laboratories equipped with technology that is freely accessible to any scholars or researchers who want to carry out independent research in public interest. The laboratory equipment cannot be used for economic activities.

Given the implementation of research activities as well as the existence of modern research infrastructure, we intend to proactively inform the general and professional public about the results of our research in accordance with the principle of public interest and the implementation of our activities based on common good. At the same time, we would like to make our modern labs accessible to all research institutions, researchers, undergraduate and PhD students for the purposes of independent research in public interest.



MGA’s educational activities focus on undergraduate and postgraduate training for students, doctors, university health care professionals, laboratory assistants, and nurses to help them enhance their professional skills and acquire new knowledge on a continual basis. For more information on MGA’s educational activities, click here.

Another major goal of MGA’s activity is to maintain cooperation with foreign academic institutions with a view to establishing postgraduate exchange internships particularly in the field of biomedicine. By running doctoral programmes in cooperation with foreign universities, we will be able to increase the level of postgraduate education in biomedicine, transferring knowledge into research activities carried out by MGA or the Centre for Excellent Biomedical Research.