The 2nd issue of newslab – our scientific publication – is out

You will learn more on genetically significant aberrations in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome and the method of their detection. We will analyse in detail the molecular-genetic diagnostics of the human papillomavirus (HPV) 72 and monitoring of HPV patients. The new issue also takes a closer look at interesting topics from microbiology. Zika virus is one of them: previously not so well-known virus that, however, caused extensive epidemics in the most recent decade in the countries of the western hemisphere. Further on, we summarize an overview of the current state of knowledge of thyroid gland dysfunction in pregnant women and its impact on pregnancy, since thyroid hormones play an essential role in foetal development. Among the case studies, we focus on the case of a young woman aged 23 with miscarriage in the 25th week of gravidity with the finding of an anomaly of the umbilical cord and placental chorangiosis. In the News, Opinions and Columns section, we shall focus on the Lynch syndrome, which represents the most frequent cause of hereditary colorectal carcinoma, for which the highest global incidence has been registered in the Slovak male population. But this is far from a complete overview of the issue 2 content.

In total, our most recent issue of this scientific publication will bring you 13 original articles introducing the latest form the world of laboratory medicine.