Public Call For the provision of financial grants in the sphere of biomedical research, development, and education

MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY, n.o. (“MGA”) is a science-and-research and educational non-profit organisation established in compliance with the Act No. 213/1997 on Non-profit Organisations Providing Social Welfare Services as amended. MGA is focused on conducting of public-interest research and development activities in biomedicine and the related support of education.


MGA hereby announces a public call for potential investors – donors (“Donors”) for provision of financial support in the form of a grant serving the purpose of developing and supporting the existing and future science, research, development, and educational activities within MGA’s Scope of Activities (“Grant”) in compliance with the conditions listed in this public call.


MGA’s Scope of Activities:

A long-term strategic objective of MGA is primarily conducting of biomedical research and development in the sphere of genetics, proteomics, metabolomics, immunology, and cytology as well as implementation of designs of new processes in the field of prevention of cancer and civilisation diseases, screening, diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In order to improve its research activities, MGA has built modern genetic, histological, and proteomic laboratories in Bratislava, Košice and Nitra and in the future, it is planning to build additional infrastructure in the form of a research laboratory with nationwide significance.

MGA also conducts educational activities in cooperation with several universities, while orienting on undergraduate and post-graduate education of students, physicians, university employees in healthcare, laboratory staff or nurses while increasing their professional qualification.

In the future, MGA intends to participate in international research projects thus contributing to wider international research in the sphere of global biomedical challenges. Establishing new partnerships with renowned foreign academic entities, such as universities in Germany, France, the UK etc. will represent an important part of MGA’s international activities.


Usage of the Grant:

MGA shall use the Grant solely to support and develop its services beneficial for the public within the scope of its activities, or possibly for the purpose listed in the written Agreement on the Grant Provision, whereas the Donor is entitled to require MGA to submit documents proving the usage of the Grant for the stated purpose.


Conditions for Grant provision:

MGA requires the Donors that every Donor be the sole owner of the Grant.

The Donor provides the Grant to MGA voluntarily, based on his/her own decision and MGA accepts the Grant.

This call is not a public collection as defined in Act No. 162/2014 Coll. on Public Collections as amended and therefore the rights and duties of the Donor and MGA are governed by the provisions of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code as amended. MGA undertakes to elaborate a written Agreement on the Grant Provision related to the provision of the Grant solely based on request by the Donor sent to the following email address:

The provided Grant shall be deemed MGA’s income in compliance with the applicable legal regulations and represents an item in MGA’s accounting operations.


The manner of Grant provision:

The Donor is authorised to provide the Grant to MGA in the following manner:

  • Bank transfer to MGA’s bank account in UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., branch of a foreign bank, account number IBAN: SK09 1111 0000 0010 4093 1007, while leaving a note with the transfer saying that this is a Grant based on this public call, or
  • Personally, as a cash payment to the treasury of MGA at Galvaniho 17/C, 821 04 Bratislava, Contact: MUDr. Pavol Janega.