Completion of technical infrastructure in the area of research into diagnostic procedures and methods aimed at diagnosing the most frequent oncological diseases in women at an early stage


MGA is focused on research in the two most frequent oncological diseases in women – cervical cancer and breast cancer. The project intends to put new diagnostic methods into practice through research, bringing benefits to people suffering from these diseases.

Bohus“Cervical cancer and its precursors can be well-managed through cytological screening. One of our goals is to enhance the Liquid-Based Cytology method in the screening programme, highlight its distinct advantages over conventional cytology and in the diagnostic process itself, and possibly widen its spectrum of diagnostic possibilities. This will allow us to detect premalignant stages early on and customise the subsequent therapeutic algorithm in individual patients. The breast cancer incidence rate has been growing, and despite significant progress in medicine, this oncological disease has been taking its toll. I believe our diagnostics and research and scientific activities will contribute to further progress in this particular field of medicine.”

MUDr. Peter Bohuš, Project Coordinator

Purpose of the Project

In Slovakia, cervical cancer represents a serious medical issue, as well as a social one. It is rated the second most frequent tumour disease in women, with an incidence rate of approximately 500 new cases per year and a mortality rate of 200 to 220 women per year. The most frequent type of cervical cancer is squamous (squamous cell) carcinoma, followed by cervical adenocarcinoma. Other types of malignant cervical tumours are significantly rarer.

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer type in women from developed countries. It represents up to 18% of all malignant tumour diseases in women. There were 227 thousand new cases in women and 20 thousand cases in men detected in 2012 in the USA alone. The average age of the patients was between 45 and 50, and between 60 and 65. The cause of breast cancer has not been fully understood yet.



  • Open Door Day in Bratislava 2015
  • Open Door Day in Bratislava 2016
  • VIP GYN 2016
  • Biomedires Workshop 2016
  • 9th Day of Clinical-Cytology


Project Information

Project start date:  1st December, 2013

Project finish date:  18th November, 2014

Total eligible project incurred costs: 3,147,678.95 €

Project Target: To increase the quality of MGA research by modernizing the infrastructure associated with the most frequent oncological diseases in women

Specific project target: To equip MGA with technology necessary to carry out excellent research in the most frequent oncological diseases in women.

Place of implementation: Čajkovského 842/46 hall B, Nitra, Magnezitárska 2/C, Košice, Slovakia


  • Scientific Seminar “Days of Clinical Cytology”
  • Scientific Seminar “The Latest Medical-Technological Possibilities of LBC Examination in Gynecology”
  • Researchers‘ Night 2014
  • 11th Congress of the Slovak Society of Clinical Biochemistry – Molecular-cytogenetic analysis of Her2 gene in breast carcinoma (M poster)
  • Biomedires Workshop 2015

Project Output

MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY has launched labMED 03/15 a unique research in Slovakia



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