EU Projects

Completion of technical infrastructure in the area of research into diagnostic procedures and methods aimed at diagnosing the most frequent oncological diseases in women at an early stage

Project start date:  1st December, 2013 Project finish date:  18th November, 2014 Total eligible project incurred costs: 3,147,678.95 € Project Target: To increase the quality of MGA research by modernizing the infrastructure associated with the most frequent oncological diseases in women Specific project target: To equip MGA with technology necessary to carry out excellent research…
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Completion of a multidisciplinary biomedical research centre – Biomedires

Project start date: 26th October, 2015 Project finish date:  31st December, 2015 Total eligible project incurred costs: 5,076,098.17 € Project Target: Ensure good-quality infrastructure for the implementation of advanced research and development in biomedicine. Build a centre of excellent international biomedical research – BIOMEDIRES implementing the know-how of foreign research partners focused on the following…
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A centre for research into serious diseases and their complications

Project implementation start date: 13. 02. 2014 Project implementation end date:  31. 12. 2015 Total eligible costs of the implementation of project activities: 5 251 853,50 € Project goal: To increase the quality of research through an interdisciplinary approach and by building long-term links between the industry and research institutions. Project objectives:  To establish an…
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