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If you choose to use our services without a referral from your doctor, and you can order the consultation and sampling directly in our facility. Range of tests customized to your needs and wishes.

Examination packages:


Investigations were built to timely detect the risk of the most common lifestyle diseases – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, disorders of the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

QUICK pre-operation examination

Patients who are scheduled for surgery, including plastic surgery, dental surgery or other minor surgical procedures, offer the opportunity to perform preoperative testing laboratory within 6 hours.


Screening for allergens and food intolerance
At present, our allergies of various origins increasingly complicated life. The consultation will recommend a variety of tests and a list of allergens.


This program is designed for clients who suspect that their child or loved one takes drugs and need to detect the presence of drugs in the body and determine its presence in the urine.


This program is designed for those who want to get tested only some parameters of health. Compiling a mix of examinations can be in consultation with a doctor in the laboratory. The patient himself can choose the range of tests.